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Mastering Modern Marketing: Strategies for Success

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Mastering Modern Marketing: Strategies for Success

Training Goal

Equip learners with advanced marketing knowledge and practical skills, enabling them to create effective marketing strategies, enhance brand reputation, understand consumer behavior, and drive results in a rapidly evolving marketing landscape.

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Anil Solanki
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100 Person(s)
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Attendance : 10 Session/ Exam : 0 Point / Task : 0 Point
* A certificate of completion is issued upon completion of the survey.
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2023-10-16 ~ 2023-12-06
Course period
2023-11-08 ~ 2023-12-06
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For 120 days from the start date
$ 10
* A certificate of completion is issued upon completion of the survey.


About instructor

Anil Solanki

    A media professional with more than a decade of experience in TV, Digital, Radio, Print,  Ecomm, Performance & influencer marketing. Presently working as Director, Mindshare (India) for high-profile clients in Unilever's Face Cleansing Category, investing close to $25 million annually. Other than this he has also worked on brands like Colgate, Skoda Auto, Allied Blenders & so on.  An expert in building & nurturing relationships with clients & vendors. Have won multiple awards & participated in multiple award functions as a Panel jury.  

Learning content

Lecture 1
Introduction to Branding Strategy
Gain insight into the art and science of branding, learning to create and manage strong brands that resonate with consumers.
20 Minute
Lecture 2
Consumer Behavior
Explore the intricacies of consumer behavior to tailor marketing strategies effectively and predict consumer choices.
18 Minute
Lecture 3
Marketing Research & Analysis
Master the art of gathering, interpreting, and utilizing market data to make informed marketing decisions.
20 Minute
Lecture 4
Product Launch Strategy
Learn to orchestrate successful product launches by developing comprehensive strategies and understanding market dynamics.
18 Minute
Lecture 5
Effective use of Media
Explore various media channels and learn to optimize them for maximum reach and impact.
19 min  30 sec
Lecture 6
Content & Influencer Marketing
Enable learners to develop and execute influencer marketing strategies, effectively leveraging influential voices to enhance brand visibility and trust.
20 min  50 sec
Lecture 7
Use of CSR to Build a Brand
Understand how corporate social responsibility can be harnessed to build brand equity and consumer trust.
20 min  19 sec
Lecture 8
International Marketing
Equip learners with the knowledge and skills to craft effective international marketing campaigns and successfully enter global markets.
20 min
Lecture 9
Emerging Trends in Marketing
Provide learners with insights into the latest marketing trends, equipping them to adapt strategies to evolving market dynamics.
21 min  16 sec
Lecture 10
Recap & Real World discussion
Conclude the course with a reflection on key takeaways and insights from guest speakers regarding career opportunities in marketing.
21 min  01 sec
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